How to be less emotional at work? And Thrive

I was that person at work that cared way too much and got emotional when things didn’t work out. Work was my identity. Sure, that got me rewarded, but it’s not sustainable or how the top brass approach work.

Work is a job. It’s great to give 100% + and love your job! But not at your expense. I’d argue, it’s not great for your company as well. It’s easy to change this mindset and still have a win-win situation with your company. Focus on GOALS.

  1. What do you want out of your job?
    • What are your top three Goals?
  2. How do you get there?
    • What are your manager’s goals (expectations) for you?
    • How does this align with the company and department goals? (be thoughtful and strategic, know how you’re impacting the organization. We all add value, that’s why you’re getting paid. Develop a better story for yourself.)

When you focus on goals, you’ll remove emotions. We get emotional when our expectations are not met. Hold yourself and others accountable for their commitment, but don’t let your expectations pull you down or get you disappointed. We’re human. We’re not perfect. But you can show up in your best work self and deliver results! You can control what you can. Focus on your brand and value to the company.


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